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Sabrina Di Castello ushers in a new era of creative expression with her revolutionary technique. In her world where glass, expressionism and realism merge, we witness a fascinating development: this new type of art represents a turning point in the history of artistic creation.



Juicy Mini Edition, reverse glass painting

Sabrina Di Castello's most fundamental creative tool is the inner expression of her thoughts and feelings. The focus of her artistic work is on people as individuals with all their feelings. In her works, Di Castello experiments with bright colors and strong black and white contrasts, searching for an inner spiritual expression and emotional truth. In her works, the focus is not on a completely true depiction of reality, but on incorporating her personal feelings. At the same time, however, her works are intended to appeal to viewers on an emotional level.

With a successful mix of realistic figurative representation, strong and dynamic brushstrokes and the filigree finish in the form of abstract contours, Sabrina Di Castello gives her works of art an extraordinary depth effect. Due to the precise and masterful elaboration of the details and the smooth and shiny feel of the material, the young artist's works are often reminiscent of the modern interpretation of a digital print and require multiple looks to perceive the painted painting. In her works, the artist tries to depict reality with all its facets and scars and does not want to immerse herself in an ideal aesthetic world.

The technical design of reverse glass painting is particularly demanding: During the painting process, the artists must bear in mind that the result will later appear reversed.

The artistic design of a reverse glass painting always takes place in the reverse painting process: the so-called finishing touches, the top layer visible through the glass, are applied from behind first, the background of the image last. The result on the display side is thus a mirror image of the composition on the back. The entire composition requires perfect planning, as repairs can no longer be carried out.

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